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Mountings, Beds & Pads

Mountings, Beds & Pads (Anti Vibration Pads)

  • Cushy foot type mounting A and B series.
  • Round foundation - mounting beds for all kinds of machine size 50mm, 85mm, 125mm, 145mm, 165mm , 185mm, 200 mm and 250mm to with stand load up to 2.5 tonnes per mount.
  • Special type rubber dampers with load bearing capacity of 5 tonnes & above per damper.
  • Anti vibration beds with both side bolts or single side bolts.
  • Plain rubber pads.
  • Serrated rubber pads for light M/c and A/c plants.


Since our inception in 1995, we have specialized in the manufacture of critical components for use in industries and specialized engineering applications. We have the capability to manufacture and supply any compression moulded component to suit customer requirements.